SecVote 2010 programme

The programme is divided into three courses (Cryptography, Voting Systems, and Analysis & Verification). Each block consists of several lessons, spread over the days of the summer school as shown below.
The programme of the open sessions is presented separately.

Full programme (PDF)   |   Programme open session.

Programme per day:

Programme Wednesday 1 September



Programme Thursday 2 September


Afternoon: Open Session I:
  1. Jeremy Clark - Scantegrity II election at Takoma Park
  2. Zhe Xia - TVS: Design & Implementation
  3. Olivier Spycher - Baloti
  4. Sergiu Bursuc - Privacy in the Cloud (slides) (protocol)
  5. Peter Ryan - Pretty Good Democracy
  6. Benjamin Kellerman - Privacy Enhanced Single Event Scheduling
  7. Mehmet Kiraz - eVoting in Turkey

Programme Friday 3 September


Afternoon: Open Session II:
  1. Olivier Pereira - Real World uses of Helios
  2. Aleks Esseks - Eperio
  3. Reto Knig - Preventing bulletin board flooding in JCJ
  4. TVS project - PaV demo
  5. Steve Schneider - Focus group experiences with Prêt à Voter
  6. Hugo Jonker - Glossary of Voting Terms
  7. Vanessa Teague - PGD for STV

Programme Saturday 4 September